Attorney/Banker/Author, MARTIN LOWY
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Attorney/Banker/Author, MARTIN LOWY
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MARTIN LOWY, an attorney, a banker, and an author, who is originally from New York, joined us to discuss his latest releases, "Capitalism for America"and "Capitalism for Democrats", books about the inner workings of how capitalism effects economies. 

From His Amazon Page:

"In 2020, Democrats will choose a candidate for President, who may or may not be in favor of maintaining the capitalist economic system in the U.S. Many people do not understand capitalism very well. It has been historically and can in the future be a force for good, promoting economic growth and better living standards. And it can be moral, as well. That good kind of capitalism relies on consumers, through the marketplace, to set prices and allocate resources.

Capitalism for Democrats explains how this good capitalism works, how different it is from some of the capitalism that we have now, and why it is morally superior to systems that rely on elites to set prices and allocate resources. This is a fairly short book that reviewers have said is 'concise' 'Plain English' and 'enjoyable'."

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