Author, Amanda Marin (9-18-19)
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Author, Amanda Marin (9-18-19)
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AMANDA MARIN, a debut author with Inkspell Publishing, will joined us to discuss her newest release, her writing process, and her future writing plans. 

From Her Website:

"When Amanda was a child, her father traveled frequently for business, always bringing her back a book as a present. Whether she was getting lost in the pages of a tale about far-away knights, girls with supernatural powers, or kindly giants, she was quickly hooked on stories.

Nowadays, she writes books of her own. Her debut novel, North to Nara, is under contract with Inkspell Publishing, expected March 2019. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her family and pet poodle, Snickers.

Neve Hall has always admired the good works of the civil servants who brought prosperity back to the Nation. She especially respects the Sufferers—empaths who, with the help of technology, anonymously bear others’ troubles for them. But when her assigned empath is abruptly retired, she uncovers certain secrets. Like the identity of her new Sufferer, Micah Ward... and the fact that behind his kind smile is a life filled with loneliness and pain.

​The closer Neve grows to Micah, the more desperate she becomes to protect him from a cruel and gruesome fate. But in a world where only a few are allowed the luxury of love, saving Micah comes with a price: Neve must choose between her loyalty to the Nation or her heart—a decision that will take them both on a race for their freedom, and their lives."

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