Author, Angie Gallion (5-15-19)
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Author, Angie Gallion (5-15-19)
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ANGIE GALLION, an award-winning author from Georgia, joined us to discuss all of her books, her background, her inspiration for writing, and, of course, her "Allison Hayes" series.

From Her Website: "I grew up in East Central Illinois and now reside with my husband and our children outside of Atlanta, Georgia. My writings often deal with personal growth through tragedy or trauma. I enjoy exploring complex relationships, often set against the backdrop of addiction or mental illness. I have been amazed by the way readers have taken to the Alison Hayes Journey and have enjoyed participating in several book clubs via Skype or in person during the last two years. Two questions come up at every single meeting:

1. Is this your life story? 2. Is there another Alison Hayes book?

The short answers are no and yes. No, I did not grow up like Alison. I had a very tradition, nuclear family and alcohol was never part of the equation. Yes, there is a fourth Alison Hayes book, and I am about 80,000 word into the rough draft at this time. I feel like this may be the end of Alison's series, but there may be a side project that develops as I'm thinking about Emily Ann.

In May 2018 I moved away from the independent platform and relaunched the Alison Hayes series with thewordverve, a small traditional publisher out of Georgia. I am excited to be a part of their team and thrilled with the potential reach their footing in the publishing industry will offer. The re-release features entirely redesigned covers and interiors. The final installment in the series, Emergent, was launched in January 2019."

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