Author, Chuck Walsh (10-25-18)
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Author, Chuck Walsh (10-25-18)
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Chuck Walsh, a writer from South Carolina, called in to discuss his latest release, "Black Mingo Creek". ​ ​From his website:

"I developed a passion for writing in 2004 after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided I wanted to write something to show how much she meant to me. And so, A Passage Back was born. The book is a tale about Chase Watson, who has an accident after the death of his mother, sending him back in time to when he was a boy. It's a chance to test the question, "Wouldn't it be great to go back in time, knowing then what you know now?" From there the writing bug had me in its grasp, and I haven't slowed down. I love fiction, and I love to write stories that are deep in prose and storyline. I truly want the reader to know intimately each and every character in my books. I want each word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter to have meaning and purpose. I hope you enjoy reading my books."

For information on Chuck Walsh, and to order his books, please visit his website at:


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