Author, Jack Adler (11-1-18)
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Author, Jack Adler (11-1-18)
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JACK ADLER, a writer from California, will call in to discuss his "Historical Fiction", as well as the books that he has written in a multitude of other genres. ​ ​From his Bio (Sunbury Press): "Jack Adler is a Los Angeles-based author. The Rage of Kali is the fourth in a series of novels featuring Tramerica’s travel investigator, Derry Greene who ventures to different destinations. The first three novels are City Havoc, The Impresario of Terror, and Irish Spring.

Adler has published several novels including The Apostate, The Montrell Tapes, and Ditzy & Champion, as well as a historical trilogy about ancient Rome and Parthia. Nonfiction books include Soulmates From The Pages of History, Splendid Seniors: Great Lives/Great Deeds, and a pair of travel books: Make Steady Money As A Travel Writer-Without Traveling and There's A Bullet Hole In Your Window.

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