Author, Josh Price (8-14-19)
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Author, Josh Price (8-14-19)
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JOSH PRICE, an author from the area of Chicago, Illinois area, joined us to discuss his debut novel, "Reaper", as is published by zimbellhousepublishing.com

From The Zimbell House Publishing Website::

"Josh is just like all of you. He works a blue-collar job, has a cozy little family, and lives in suburbia. He has been in the habit of writing down the more outrageous elements of his imagination and is eternally grateful that the powers-that-be have deemed his daydreams to be worthy of publication. 

He likes to spend his free time with his family and friends, discussing just how strange social norms can be. Josh fully plans to write about this someday, he just need to sit still long enough to put these oddities on paper.

From His Amazon Page:

"Aaron and Kyle have just learned two things: the world is full of unseen magical creatures, and some of them are rather angry. 

As the newest members of the Gatekeepers, they must race around the world, and against the clock, to stop the Lord of the Damned before he enslaves every living being to his wicked will. 

Their fight will take them to Hell and back, but regardless of whether they win or lose, their world will never be the same again."  

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