Author, Kate MacInnis (10-16-20)
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Author, Kate MacInnis (10-16-20)
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KATE MacINNIS, an author from Michigan, stopped by to discuss her latest release, "Distant Heart Sounds" (a Nurse Morgan Series, Book One).

From the "Inkspell Publishing" Website: http://www.inkspellpublishing.com/blog/do-you-believe-in-ghosts-distant_heart_sounds-kate_macinnis-new_release

Ghosts...a shiver of cold air. A shadow out of the corner of your eye. A door slams where no one else is around. Many of us have dealt with these things. We have events which we can't explain. But is it a ghost? 

Nurse Morgan starts with those events and soon realizes she can see AND talk to! Worst of all, these ghosts want her to help them and they won't leave her alone. Is Nurse Morgan going crazy?? 

Kate MacInnis' new release, Distant Heart Sounds is a fun romp through a romance with exciting secondary characters who will have you in stitches! The story is one you will laugh along with. Now available in ebook- grab your own copy today!!

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