Author Kim Love (9-27-18)
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Author Kim Love (9-27-18)
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Kimberly Love, an author from Windsor, Ontario, called in to discuss her latest release, "You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine", as well as her upcoming projects and the creative process.

From her Amazon page, "WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK AWESOME? There's an evil queen, a demented father, some amateur boxing and a trailer park story. Even a silver fox makes an appearance. Why wouldn't that entice you? If you are looking for something different from the rest of the books out there, something that might make you question your sanity then you will love this book. Seriously!

The comedic and sassy perspective will make you see things differently, and you may even find yourself laughing out loud. It's a good story and one that I truly believe needs to be told. Period. It’s dark, raw and takes you to a door that keeps all my innermost secrets. I hope that the book makes you laugh, makes you cry, and inspires you to be the best version of yourself."

To learn more about Kimberly Love and to order her book, please visit her website at:


Also, stay tuned, as Kim Love is on target to become a radio host/personality on Impact Radio USA!!!!

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