Author, Linda Thompson (12-10-18)
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Author, Linda Thompson (12-10-18)
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LINDA THOMPSON, an author from Arizona, called in to discuss her new release, "The Plum Blooms in Winter", a book which, "... proves a taut, crisp, debut achievement that colorfully evokes the Pacific theater of WWII. Start this one forewarned: it’s a stay-up-all-night read.” (Jerry B. Jenkins, New York Times bestselling author).

From Her Website: "God is doing amazing things, now, in our day, that should push us to the edge of our seats. And every believer plays a critical role right at the front lines of faith. Our real-life adventure plays out in exotic settings around the world. It features plenty of opposition and drama. There are giants in the land, as evil as the one David confronted.

That’s why my blog is entitled Five Stones and a Sling. I’m inviting readers on a journey to places where following Him gets hard. Taking on the giants of complacency and political correctness, and publicizing stories of believers who get reckless with their faith."

To learn more about Linda Thompson, and to order her book, please visit her website at:


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