Author, Lucinda Parker Roberts (2-25-19)
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Author, Lucinda Parker Roberts (2-25-19)
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LUCINDA PARKER ROBERTS, an author and liver transplant survivor from the U.K., joined us to discuss her latest release, "Lucy's Liver Transplant, a Story About Organ Donation", as well as her other books, her art, and her journey through illness, liver transplant, and how she views life these days

From Her Amazon Page: "Written by Lucinda Parker Roberts, whose life was saved by a liver transplant, 'Lucy’s Liver Transplant – A Story About Organ Donation' is a children’s illustrated book written to help stimulate conversation in families about the sensitive subject of organ donation and organ transplants. Lucy becomes sick with a rare illness and through a magical encounter learns about organ transplants. Described as a “heartwarming tale” we learn of how Lucy has to face something that most 7 year olds will never go through.

Covering a challenging subject like an autoimmune disease, Lucinda creates a vivid world of entertaining characters keen to help explain the message of organs and organ transplantation."

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