Author, Susan Howard (5-22-19)
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Author, Susan Howard (5-22-19)
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SUSAN HOWARD, an author from Kansas City, joined us to discuss communicating with children, raising kids, and her latest release, "So Many Questions!"

From Her Amazon Page: "Oh, the number of "why"" questions preschool-aged children ask. It's rather amazing all they think about. Parents of the walking, talking sponges soaking up all information can either be remarkably patient, marveling at the abounding quest for knowledge, or they can miss out on the big, curious stage of a child's life as they wonder about the very mysterious world. My son was no different. He peppered me with questions such as why dried earthworms didn't come back to life when put in water...

... "Or why someone could be named Hammerstein and not Screwdriverstein. And then there was a little boy who breathlessly threw out a list of questions at such a rapid pace his mother could not get a word in edgewise. His goal was to avoid going to bed. Little did he know his plan would backfire. For all the "why" asking children and their parents, So Many Questions! is for you. Hopefully, by the time you have read it, a tiny miracle will have taken place-that miracle called love."

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