E. Rachael Hardcastle and David Hardcastle (10-2-19)
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E. Rachael Hardcastle and David Hardcastle (10-2-19)
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E. RACHAEL HARDCASTLE, an author and publisher of "Curious Cat Books', and her father, DAVID HARDCASTLE, joined us to discuss their newest book release, "Bluetooth and the WorldWide Web".  

From Their Amazon Page:

"Simon Ranchilla is being bullied by the grasshoppers in his class; he's the only insect in his school with a blue fang.

But when their connection to the World Wide Web is attacked by WASP, Simon suddenly discovers his fang has an amazing ability.

With the help of his dentist, a mechanic, and a grumpy old flea, Simon and his friends set off on a mission to save their community!"

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