E. Rachael Hardcastle/Pamela A. Pedder (9-4-19)
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E. Rachael Hardcastle/Pamela A. Pedder (9-4-19)
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E. RACHAEL HARDCASTLE, an author and publisher, and PAMELA A. PEDDER, a newly published author, will join us for Part 1 of their interview to discuss Pamela's new book, "Moving Day (The Amazing Adventures of Berty Bee)", as is published by E. Rachael Hardcastle's publishing company, "Curious Cat Books"

From The "Curious Cat Books" Website:

"Baggy Beetle is here for the rent, but Berty Bee doesn't have enough money to pay him yet.Can Berty and his friend Colin Caterpillar come up with a plan in time to save Berty's home?"

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