Educator/Author, Jill Dobbe (1-14-19)
Impact Radio USA
Educator/Author, Jill Dobbe (1-14-19)
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Jill Dobbe, a longtime international educator, will join us to discuss her books, as well as her experiences at various schools around the world.

From Her Goodreads page: "Jill is an international educator, travel writer, amateur photographer, and author of three travel memoirs, who writes about her experiences living and working in schools and countries around the world. She presently lives in her seventh country, Honduras, with her husband, and Yorkie-Poo, Mickey. While working as an elementary principal, Jill continues to read, write and take photos of the beautiful people and countries of Latin America, while muddling her way through the Spanish language. Jill loves her life as an international educator and obsessive traveler, and most days, feels like she is living her dream.

Jill is always thrilled to hear from educators and readers who are interested in overseas education, or already work overseas."

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