"Impact Interviews and Music" Brown/Chute (7-6-20)
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"Impact Interviews and Music" Brown/Chute (7-6-20)
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Welcome to the newest entrant to our Impact Radio USA stable of shows, with "Impact Interviews and Music". The title says it all, as we provide exhilarating interviews with some terrific people and, of course, we augment the interviews with great music!

Each episode of "Impact Interviews and Music" airs LIVE every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 am ET, then repeats at 10:00 pm ET on the same date.

On today's show, we spoke with PATRICK BROWN and ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE:


From His Amazon Page:

"Maggie Lyon’s celebrity chef husband Mark-Mario has decided that his hard-working wife deserves a rest. He surprises her with the perfect hideaway at the base of the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest, but is an urbanite journalist like Maggie going to be happy living in seclusion? She insists that she’s too far away from the criminal cases she’d rather be investigating, but agrees to support Mark-Mario’s new business venture and give life in rural Perth, Washington a chance. No matter how hard she tries, Trouble has a way of finding Maggie, and it isn’t long until local problems become hers. A young woman who recently started working for Maggie is found lying unconscious in a field after Maggie overhears a heated argument between the woman and her fiancée. Maggie informs the local sheriff, and the suspect declares his innocence before eluding the authorities..."


From Her Website:

"ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE is a free-spirited and award-winning artist, author, photographer, filmmaker, curator and public speaker with a tendency to burst into song. She’s a mama bear to four children, but is more like a big kid herself. Often underestimated for her goofy and whimsical personality—she’s been described as “awkward but charming”—Alexis is a ground-breaking outside-the-box innovator, storyteller, and cultural connector."

And GREAT music selected just for you! 

Thank you for stopping in! Enjoy!

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