"Impact Interviews and Music" Whitneys/Ratliff (7-24-20)
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"Impact Interviews and Music" Whitneys/Ratliff (7-24-20)
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Welcome to the newest entrant to our Impact Radio USA stable of shows, with "Impact Interviews and Music". The title says it all, as we provide exhilarating interviews with some terrific people and, of course, we augment the interviews with great music!

Each episode of "Impact Interviews and Music" airs LIVE every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00 am ET, then repeats at 10:00 pm ET on the same date.

On today's show, we spoke the WHITNEYS and DEBORAH RATLIFF:


From Their Website:

"Reverend D.A. Whitney is a Brooklyn, New York native who lived on the Westcoast in California after joining the U.S. Marine Corps. The Rev is no stranger to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His initial training began under the tutelage of his parents, both Ministers of the Gospel who instilled in him a foundation of the Word of God and faithful stewardship. 

In 2008, The Rev became a licensed Minister of the Gospel, co-founded Blessed 4 Life Ministries and co-authored his first self-published book. Blessed 4 Life Ministries encompasses Kingdom Building, life-coaching and marriage counseling.

Shannon Whitney is a native Californian, currently residing in Raleigh, North Carolina. Shannon is a wife, mother, speaker, author, artist, creator, motivator, game-changer and trailblazer! In Ministry, she is an Intercessor (prayer warrior) and Messenger..As an author, Shannon utilizes the platform to inspire, motivate, minister and present the Gospel with contemporary swag. Shannon and her husband have co-authored six books as self-published authors and are Founders of Blessed 4 Life Ministries (B4LM)."


"WRITERS UNITE!", a Facebook-based writing group that boasts over 53,000 members, continues to engage the writing community with advice, suggestions, and support.

On today's show, head administrator, Deborah Ratliff, will join us to discuss the topic, "Points of View".

From The "Writers Unite!" Website:

"Writers Unite!" was created as a haven to support and encourage writers at all levels of knowledge and experience. This group is for writers to share their writing and get constructive feedback, answer questions posted by members related to their writing, and celebrating writing milestones."

And GREAT music selected just for you!

Thank you for stopping in! Enjoy!

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