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LEAH LONGBRAKE, Podcast Host/Producer (9-6-21)

  • 39:15
  • September 6th 2021

LEAH LONGBRAKE, a highly talented radio/television host and producer from Cleveland, Ohio, joined us to discuss her own podcast, "Weddings Unveiled With Leah Longbrake", as well as the other five podcasts that she produces for Evergreen Podcasts, and her role as the current President of the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters. And, oh yes, we will discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, too!


"I’m a Broadcast professional born and raised in the home of Rock n’ Roll- Cleveland, Ohio. I love anything pop culture related, sports, spending time with family & friends, traveling and trying new things. I’m also a huge supporter of independent restaurants, local designers and artists. Hope to inspire you to try new places, things, achieve your goals and to follow your dreams!! Feel free to send me your recommendations for things to do and places to go!!

Host Leah Longbrake is pulling back the veil to bring you honest advice and creative ideas from those in the wedding industry. From the Engagement to the Honeymoon, get all the details you need from wedding and event experts on how to make it your best day ever!"

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