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MARTHA HOY, Nurse/Author (9-24-21)

  • 20:37
  • September 24th 2021

MARTHA HOY, a nurse/author from Las Vegas, Nevada, joined us to discuss her horrific experiences; how she turned evil toward good; her charitable foundations; and her latest releases, including, "Enjoy The Journey" and "Lead with Your Heart".


"I was a nurse living in West Virginia in an abusive marriage. I had been doing charity work in Uganda for some time. When I had to leave my life suddenly two orphans from Uganda helped me. I then took the one thing I had left of my life, a suitcase, and went on a journey. A journey of self discovery.

But I also, built a new family along the way made up of people all over the world. My passion for helping children was fueled by what those two young men did for me. Two charitable organizations were formed from my story. Mother Martha Family Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada and AMKA Foundation Africa in Kampala, Uganda. I wrote two books about my story, 'Lead with your heart' and 'Enjoy the Journey.'

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