Psychologist/Author, Dr. Rick Capaldi
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Psychologist/Author, Dr. Rick Capaldi
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DR. RICK CAPALDI, an author, researcher, and psychologist from California, joined us to discuss parenting, children, and his newest book release, "21st Century Parenting: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Resilient Children in an Unstable World".


"As co-founder of Outreach Concern, Inc., one of the largest school-based counseling services in the country, Dr. Rick Capaldi developed a guide to raise kids into confident, independent adults. His "three Rs"—Read your child's environment, Regulate their emotional temperature, and Redirect their behavior—will help parents and teachers steer children toward emotional stability and success. This model has been effectively utilized in counseling over a half-million children and parents in over 900 schools, resulting in the development of cooperative, successful, and highly productive family relationships."


"Dr. Rick Capaldi, co-founder of Outreach Concern, one of the largest school-based counseling agencies in the United States, provides parents with a guide to raising their kids into sturdy, independent adults. 21st Century Parenting gives a new twist on the original three Rs―Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic. Parents will learn how to steer their children toward emotional stability and success using the new three Rs―Reading, Regulating, and Redirecting―reading their child’s environment, regulating their child’s emotional temperature, and redirecting their child’s behavior. Many of the concepts that Dr. Capaldi also introduces are based on his Behavior Performance Management™ intervention tool that has helped guide successful counseling and support services with over 500,000 children, adolescents and families in over 990 elementary, middle and high schools in Southern California. Full of real world examples and sound advice, this is a must read for any parent in today’s complex world.

Dr. Rick Capaldi has been a practicing family therapist for 40 years, specializing in children, adolescents and families, focused on childhood disorders, parenting and learning disabilities. Dr. Capaldi is a former adjunct Professor in Pepperdine University’s graduate M.F.T. counseling program and an instructor of psychology and sociology at Saddleback and Irvine Valley Community Colleges."

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