Separating Kids at the Border? (8-14-19)
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Separating Kids at the Border? (8-14-19)
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So, what are your thoughts on kids being separated from their "parents" at the border?

Did you know that 30% of the "parents" who illegally enter our country with "children" are not actually their "parents" at all?

Did you know that 300,000 kids are sex trafficked each year in our country, with approximately 76,000 of this from Texas, a major border state for illegal entry?

And, what would happen if YOU broke the law? You would be separated from your family, too.

As a reminder, we do to get political on "Dr. Paul's Family Talk". However, irrespective of who the President is; who is currently in Congress; and the state of the current rhetoric, we will discuss various topics that shape our culture, including the protection of children.

As always, what are your thoughts?

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