49 Episodes

The Power of Comparisons
  • E47
  • 08:53
  • May 25th 2021
The Walking Trade Show
  • E46
  • 07:06
  • May 18th 2021
Go The Extra Mile
  • E42
  • 09:40
  • November 26th 2020
Don't Give Up On Your Sales Rep
  • E41
  • 04:03
  • November 23rd 2020

In Between Sales Calls

In Between Sales Calls, a sales podcast from Derek Shebby and Modern Sales Training (www.modernsalestraining.com), is your quick listen for a sales training podcast that’s packed full of proven sales strategies and sales techniques to help sharpen your sales skills without taking up a huge portion of your day. 

Throughout these episodes, I share my firsthand experience of over 16 years in the sales field. From rep to sales manager, Dir. of Training for a Fortune 100 company, and then on to train over 13,000 salespeople worldwide. 

Listen on your way to work, the next meeting, or zoom call, and find useful tips that you can use today to start growing your sales and strengthening your career.

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