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The world needs more philosophy.

More to the point, we all need to engage with the world with a more philosophical attitude.

My name is Douglas Giles, I am a philosopher by trade and temperament. I understand that philosophy is an active search for concepts on which we can build a better life. Long fascinated by ideas, I am motivated by an earnest desire to bring philosophy out of its insular ivory tower and into everyday life where it can be put to good uses. 

As a university philosophy professor for more than 20 years, I have introduced thousands of students in multiple countries to the value of philosophy in their lives. From my teaching experience, I have learned what works for students, leading me to write a textbook, How We Are and How We Got Here: A Practical History of Western Philosophy.

My scholarly research in social philosophy applies a phenomenological approach to the lived experiences and actions of individuals, groups, and social and political institutions. My research helps us better understand social injustices and how people respond to them. My work also explores the intersection of philosophy and culture and the construction and maintenance of personal identities and social meanings.

I greatly value and facilitate discussion that digs deeper into holistic and meaningful ideas that deal with causes not symptoms. I started writing content for the Internet in 1994 and now produces my own Web site,, podcasts, and video channels. Because I value the individual person, I encourage people to seek openness and authenticity in themselves and others.

Also, I have been a radio disc jockey since 1997 and since 2003 have managed the Internet radio station In 2018, I moved to Prague with my spouse, a professional editor.

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