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Inside the Customer

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Created by IBGR onAir Talent William Eastman • 12 episodes

Inside the Customer


Let's start with this premise - there are people out there who want what you have. The question is do they know enough about you and the offer to make an intelligent decision?

Your marketing efforts have only 2 purposes - create awareness to ensure the customer will consider you when making a buying decision, and bringing qualified leads into the sales funnel.

The last 15 months has tested everything I know about marketing & sales. Building supply and demand at the same time has been challenging and we arrived at the following issues that elements in our marketing, sales, and service process:

  • Target The Perfect Customer - Get Them To Raise Their Hand
  • Surround Them With Information - Make More Intelligent Consumers & Inoculate Against The Competition
  • Close By Solving Problems - The Future Stars When The Sales Is Made
  • Escalate The Relationship - Move From Generic To Custom Solutions