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Podcast 100% in Italiano, by Italy Made Easy

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  • S1E43
  • 18:40
  • January 12th 2021

To download all accompanying resources to this Episode (Full Italian transcription & comprehension exercises) head over to: italymadeeasy.com/043

Learn Italian with Italy Made Easy

Finally a podcast in Italian, designed for learners of Italian... 100% is slower Italian!

Listen to interesting topics and learn about Italy, all while practicing your comprehension, expanding your vocabulary and improving your pronunciation! 

Manu Venditti, the founder of Italy Made Easy is a native Italian language lover, with a passion for helping people like you learn, improve, practice and master the Italian language. 

For each episode you can download the free accompanying PDF, with the full accurate Italian transcript of the show, along with a series of Listening and Comprehension questions, to help you with your learning. 


Meet your Host

Manu Venditti avatar
Manu Venditti

Your native Italian teacher has been teaching Italian to English speakers for over 20 years. He went to found Italy Made Easy in 2016.

His teaching approach has consistently proven to be extremely effective to get learners of Italian to true fluency and communication.

With his team, Manu has created a number of structured Italian language programs that are guaranteed to get YOU speaking and understanding Italian.

You can find out more at: https://www.itaymadeeasy.com