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It's All Greek to Me

26 episodes

It's All Greek to Me

Hosted by Alex the Greek.

A GREAT way to learn and understand about Greek Culture. With Music, Learning a Greek word of the day, understanding Traditions and Much Much more.

A podcast that Educates, Entertains and Inspires.

As well as listening to Wonderful Guests.

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Alex the Greek

I have always wanted to learn and understand more about my Greek culture. Born in London, England and from Greek Cypriot parents, I grew up with Greek Traditions.

My friends always wanted to know what we Greeks do for Holidays, at Church, Music dances, and much more. So, with the help of bourbon bay productions (who I also do a show with), That show with those guys. I can NOW spread the vast knowledge. 'Ok I interview guests who know more than I'.

Also check out watch skits and videos from past episodes.