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Kremlin File

Created by Bunker Crew Media • 45 episodes

Kremlin File

Hosted by renowned researcher Olga Lautman and political activist Monique Camarra, KREMLIN FILE takes audiences on a riveting journey through the rise of Putin and the spread of authoritarianism across the globe and into the Trump White House. Featuring interviews with Masha Gessen, Yuri Felshtinsky, Bill Browder, and Craig Unger, Season One dives head first into Putin’s Russia and their ongoing active measures campaign around the world.

Brought to you by the creators of Active Measures. Executive Produced by Meidas Media. New episodes drop Thursdays beginning August 5th 2021. 

Meet the Team

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Olga Lautman

Olga Lautman is an investigative researcher focused on the Kremlin, organized crime, and national security. Raised in Brighton Beach and the daughter of Soviet political refugees, Olga is a frequent collaborator with best-selling authors and served as the researcher on Craig Unger's “House of Trump,” “House of Putin,” “American Kompromat," and Malcolm Nance's "Plot to Betray America."

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Bunker Crew
Production Company

Bunker Crew Media, founded by filmmaker Jack Bryan and political strategist Marley Clements, is focused on telling the most vital and fascinating political stories of our time. Jack and Marley’s first collaboration, the 2018 feature-documentary, Active Measures, was heralded as the preeminent guide to Russian intervention in the 2016 election both in the press and by international institutions such as European Parliament and Yale Law School. Their most recent project, Qanon: The Search for Q, a docu-series released by Vice TV in 2021, was an instant hit and the network’s third-highest rated show of all time. The digital-first production outfit was born of these successes and prides itself on turning nuanced, complicated geopolitical events into tight and exciting political thrillers. 

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Monique Camarra

Monique Camarra is a researcher/analyst on international affairs and a language and communications specialist at the University of Siena in Italy. A lifelong political activist, Monique started paying closer attention to Russia’s global campaign when she saw the protesters gunned down in Kyiv.

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Meidas Media
Executive Producer

Meidas Media Network is led by Ben Meiselas, Brett Meiselas, and Jordy Meiselas. After the successful launch of their groundbreaking political action committee MeidasTouch PAC, the Meiselas brothers founded Meidas Media, a separate media entity, to counter disinformation echo chambers from the far right and to promote and celebrate democracy through all forms of media and content production. Meidas Media produces, directs, and distributes, and promotes some of the top pro-democracy content in the world today.

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