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Leaders Lead

Welcome to Leaders Lead, the podcast where I get to the bottom of how successful leaders and companies achieve greatness. I'm Tony Taylor, the host, and coach for emerging entrepreneurs looking to overcome their fear of public speaking.

I started Leaders Lead out of curiosity and a desire to learn from inspiring industry leaders. During the first season, I discovered that all of my guests had overcome seemingly impossible odds to achieve success in their businesses and careers.

In each episode, I take listeners on a journey through some of the toughest roads these leaders have traveled, and there may be tears along the way. But through their struggles and determination, they have become great. There are no hacks or secrets to their success – just a refusal to give up.

This show is not only about inspiration, but also about providing a tangible guide for listeners to follow on their own journey to entrepreneurial success. I believe in turning pain into a survival guide for others, and that's exactly what I do on this show. I invite you to join the Leaders Lead community by subscribing to the show, leaving a review, and letting me know how I can serve you on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Thank you for joining me on this inspiring journey.

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