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Leadership Powered By Common Sense on the Radio

Created by Doug Thorpe • 13 episodes

Leadership Powered By Common Sense on the Radio

Hear from executive coach and business advisor Doug Thorpe. Get tips, tricks, and ideas for running a better business and building strong, high-performing teams at work.

If you own a business or run any part of a larger organization, you know the challenges you face daily. Let Doug give you some ideas to reduce stress, avoid burnout, and have more fun with your work.

Since 2008, Doug has been helping hundreds of leaders in all types of businesses find ways to be more effective, have greater influence and build stronger teams. I’ve taken 30+ years of business ownership and leadership and put together an easy, common-sense approach to help with the business challenges of today.

Doug Thorpe is a performance-driven Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Thought Leader, and Consultant with more than 40 years of success in the financial services, executive coaching, oil & gas, and healthcare industries. Leveraging extensive experience in guiding business transformation for growth-oriented organizations, he is a trusted guide for mid-cap companies to large global enterprises requiring expert assistance with leadership development, team performance, employee engagement, culture shifts, and change management.

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