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The Littrell Show - Building Independent Spirits Brands

Obsessed with the Success of Independent Spirits Brands

Created by Jason Littrell • 62 episodes

The Littrell Show

Tools, methods, and obsessions for building bars, businesses and brands produced by and for an ambitious bartender. This podcast is jam packed with information about how to turn your craft into a brand and a business. I interview my heroes to gain insight on their path from getting paid for what they do to getting paid for what they know.


Questions, comments or thoughts please get in touch! I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even TikTok…..I think. Or just head to my website You can even book a call through this link.


This podcast is recorded on a Blue Yeti Microphone with an ASUS Zenbook Road Rig: iRig Lavaliers and my one plus Android Smartphone with a Powered USB-C Hub and a Bluetooth Keyboard.

SocialBee - My social media automation and syndication software

Appsumo - Where I get all my amazing, cheap software for a lifetime.

Canva - Graphics for all of my memes, flyers, posts, logos, pitches, etc.

Fiverr - I hire a number of freelancers from Fiverr to handle things from web tasks, to show notes, to research projects, to data entry. Outsourcing baby! - Whenever I have an idea for a business, one of the first things I do is set up the domain name!

Hostwinds - This is my web host. This is vital to hosting your website. Having been through AWS and Hostgator, this is the move!