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The Shows of LVR Radio, the station that scans all fields of electronic music, sounds and textures

If you are passionate about electronic music in all its expressions, this is your channel. LVR Radio Shows is the platform that offers a sophisticated selection of electronic sounds, from danceable sessions, to introspective programming, and experimental sound textures.

LVR Radio Shows offers on-demand content: special shows, live sessions, exclusive artist presentations and other highlights of its electronic music selection, with direct access to through

And if you want to follow our amazing 24/7 broadcasted show, connect directly to throuht


The LVR Radio Shows offers all the station's content, for listening from anywhere in any moment. These are the main contents:

  • All our special shows
  • Exclusive live sessions
  • Artist presentations
  • Early release of records
  • Record labels presentations
  • Festival shows
  • Lab sessions

We are continually adding new content of electronic music to enrich our proposal and surprise our listeners. Learn more about the news on our social networks or the station's website:

About LVR Radio

The station is a shared project between LAVS Festival and the creative platform VRNRG.

LAVS is a new, multidisciplinary proposal that aims to offer a space for visual and sound creators where they can show their work. At the core of the festival is the relationship between image and sound from different artistic trends such as projection, video mapping, video creations, installations, interactive works or performances, all of which are mixed with sound experimentation in a mostly synthetic way. More info:

VRNRG is a platform dedicated to eNeRGize Virtual Reality by providing vertical solutions to the VR-XR industry, as well as designing and developing VR-AR experiences. His proposal bridges the commercial and the experimental, allowing creative expression at the highest level, from its VRNRG Arts and VRNRG Music areas, in which artists, collectives and platforms explores contemporary digital languages and expressions. More info:

About copyright

LVR Radio has the rights to all the music broadcasted on its platform, based on different agreements with artists, record labels and the original owners of reproduction and broadcasting rights.

If you wish to receive additional information regarding the copyrights of the station content, you can contact directly through the question form available on the LVR Radio website:

Follow us

LVR Radio is a multichannel platform, and our shows and sessions can be followed from different supports:

  • Online radio:
  • Shows on demand:
  • Virtual reality radio:
  • Video and streaming: Youtube and Twitch
  • Social networks: Instagram. Facebook, Youtube

We continually add new media to distribute our content. To stay updated, visit the LVR Radio website:

Record labels

We want to expand our agreements with record labels to growth in our electronic music offer and stablish strong collaborations with them and LVR Radio shows and sessions.

If you are responsible for any label, and can be interested in our platform, please contact us through the form on our website: