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Making Marketing Matter

Digital Marketing and Social Media

  • S1E4
  • 25:15
  • June 10th 2024

Josi is joined by Dr Mike Ryder, who teaches digital marketing, social media and advertising modules to our students.

Mike works on social media production and consumption, looking at what social media is about and what it does; the concept of surveillance capitalism and data harvesting; and how corporations jump on social media trends.

His research also touches on science fiction and its relevance to our world, and the impact of Disney on society (including on wars of the past, present and future).

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Making Marketing Matter

Marketing is everywhere – and here at Lancaster University Management School, we are at the forefront of the discipline.

In Making Marketing Matter, we will introduce you to the world of marketing – everything from digital to advertising, sustainability to accessibility – that you can encounter as a student here at Lancaster.

We’ll show you what students can expect to learn on our programmes; introduce you to the experts who head up our internationally-renowned teaching and research activities; and dive into fascinating subjects you might never have associated with marketing – from salmon farming to art exhibitions, science fiction to dark tourism and the metaverse.

The podcast brings you conversations with Marketing department lecturers from a variety of backgrounds and interests who teach future marketeers in our classrooms and lecture theatres. They provide an insight into the unique experience Lancaster has to offer.

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Meet the Hosts

Dr Josi Fernandes avatar
Dr Josi Fernandes

Josi is a Lecturer in Marketing at Lancaster University Management School.

Her research has explored how local entrepreneurs in Brazilian favelas manage to engage in economic activity amidst stigmatization of their place of residence

She is currently studying sustainability in food markets and more specifically, in relation to the environmental challenges associated with the UK salmon market.