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The Recognized Authority

Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy with Heather Chavin

  • S1E66
  • 52:49
  • May 9th 2022

As independent consultants, our approach to publishing content is often haphazard and inconsistent: the topic depending on what issues are top of mind, and the schedule based on our client workload. One way to ameliorate that is to create a content marketing plan: some guiderails to help us stay on track.

In this episode,Heather Chavin and Alastair McDermott discuss what a content marketing strategy looks like for an independent consultant, how thinking of it as a funnel can be useful for content ideation, and why time management is key to successful content production.

They also discuss how to dig deeper into your client's problem and symptoms to create content ideas, how to analyse what's working in your content strategy, and why being number 1 is so important.

“The ability to craft the time to stop and reflect, and move into problem solving mode or move into development mode is really important. 

Otherwise, just expect more of the same. Tomorrow will be just like today.” -- Heather Chavin on The Recognized Authority podcast

“We're willing to pay more for number one. We're willing to trust number one more because other people have told us number one is number one, right? Social proof is built into it. 

If you want to cut through the noise, you need to be number one for the person who's looking for you.” -- Heather Chavin on The Recognized Authority podcast

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