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Marketing Leaders Connect

Welcome to "Marketing Leaders Connect" (MLC), the only podcast and online event series where senior marketers come together to explore the world of holistic marketing.

Our community is dedicated to creating a space where marketing leaders can share insights, strategies, and experiences that help B2B marketing teams work better together.

In each episode, we cover topics that matter most to modern marketers. Our content provides relevant, practical, and actionable insights from peers and digital strategists from our sponsoring company, O8. Often presented as open panels, members can ask questions and engage directly.

B2B companies of all sizes are cutting marketing and sales headcount and budgets. Those remaining face a big challenge: how to use limited resources to build the right strategies and carry out necessary activities to meet pipeline and revenue targets. A performance-based, holistic approach is crucial because what you’ve been doing—or what you are facing now—just isn’t sustainable.

MLC is more than a professional network; it's a supportive community addressing the deeper needs of today's marketing leaders. We offer open discussions on personal growth, fulfillment, and the emerging challenges affecting our lives and careers.

Join us for conversations that improve your marketing approach, share valuable lessons, and offer new perspectives. Whether you're looking for fresh ideas or seeking camaraderie with peers who understand your unique challenges, MLC is your go-to resource.

Tune in to the only podcast that brings holistic marketing to life, helping you thrive in this ever-changing landscape.