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Midlife Illuminated

BITESIZE episode: How to get more joy

  • S2E41
  • 10:53
  • May 16th 2021

Introducing Wellness Unwrapped bitesized! I'm always so happy to receive feedback about the podcast and have been asked by listeners to release mini-clips from guests on previous episodes. So here goes!

As the world starts to open up to us again, I thought this was the perfect time to revisit a small slice of wisdom from Gillian Elizabeth.

Gillian urges us to ditch our to-do-lists and our inhibitions...and allow ourselves to experience joy. Her words have been going around my head ever since I recorded this chat with her in February 2020 - and I can honestly say that I really needed to hear them. I think they'll strike a deep chord with you too.

If you'd like to hear more from Gillian, you can find our full conversation in episode 4 of Wellness Unwrapped:

If you enjoy this mini format and would like to hear any more of them in the future, please let me know. Thank you!

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