Debating Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet with John Fullerton & Manuel Gonzalez artwork
New Food Order

Debating Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet with John Fullerton & Manuel Gonzalez

  • S1E12
  • 57:46
  • January 31st 2023

Is exponential growth possible on a finite planet? How might we balance growth and profit with maximum social and ecological benefit?

This is a huge topic that we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of. In today’s bonus finance episode, we share two differing viewpoints on growth from regenerative economics pioneer John Fullerton and venture capitalist Manuel Gonzalez. 

We also include a discussion with Sara Eckhouse, executive director of Foodshot Global, about using Integrated Capital investment models that combine funding from multiple types of financial instruments to fund solutions that address social and environmental issues.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • The failures of the current financial system and the business models within it
  • The potential benefits of restructuring the ownership of large multinational food companies
  • Whether we need to build a new system from the ground up with alternative principles and priorities to cope with our current crises
  • What those principles might be
  • The potential negative impacts of a model that doesn’t center growth
  • How Integrated Capital works and is able to develop novel ideas that could be missed by other financing structures

John Fullerton is the founder and president of Capital Institute. He is also an active impact investor and co-founder and director of holistic ranch management company Grasslands, LLC; a director of New Day Farms, Savory Institute, and the New Economy Coalition.

Manuel Gonzalez is General Partner at AgFunder, one of the world’s most active foodtech and agtech VC investors. Manuel was formerly the global head of innovation for Rabobank, the world’s leading food and agriculture bank, and founder of its two startup engagement platforms: FoodBytes! and Terra.

Sara Eckhouse is Executive Director at FoodShot Global, whose mission is to empower bold ideas and innovative companies to accelerate the transformation to a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system.

Show notes:

Herman Daly Interview

Paul Polman

Capital Institute


FoodShot Global - Precision Protein Challenge

Donella Meadows: Limits to Growth


Karl Popper

Albert Michelson

S2G Ventures and ocean data

David Deutsch: The beginning of Infinity.

Timothy Snyder

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Danielle Gould

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Louisa Burwood-Taylor

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