Bob Byman, 1979 Bay Hill Classic Champion & Top Instructor, Joins Me... artwork
Golf Podcast: next on the tee

Bob Byman, 1979 Bay Hill Classic Champion & Top Instructor, Joins Me...

  • S8E27
  • 28:57
  • September 19th 2021

Bob Byman shares stories from his college golf days at Wake Forest and how Arnold Palmer encouraged him to go there following a practice round they played together at Pebble Beach when Bob qualified to play in the US Open at age 17. We also hear about how he teamed with Curtis Strange and Jay Haas while at Wake Forest to win back-to-back National Championships in 1974 & '75. Things would come full circle with Mr. Palmer when Bob won the 1979 Bay Hill Invitational, which was the first year Mr. Palmer took over as tournament Host.

Golf Podcast: next on the tee

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I have a passion for golf that started when I was 12 years old playing with my father. I took lessons with a gentleman named Ken Friend at Tides Golf Club in Seminole, Florida, and I have loved the game ever since. I grew up idolizing Jack Nicklaus. The '75 & '86 Masters remain two of my favorite sports memories.

Gary Player has been a big influence in my life, not only in my golf game but also regarding health and nutrition. As I said to Mr. Player recently, every time I'm tempted to go to the freezer for a bowl of ice cream, it's his voice that I hear in my head saying, "come on man that's poison!" ​Mr. Player has become a wonderful friend since first joining back in 2014.

Augusta National is my favorite place on the planet. Attending The Masters tournament is one of the highlights of the year. I cherish walking those hallowed grounds. It gives me a feeling of wonder and excitement that has become a part of me and I never want it to leave. 

I was born in Pittsburgh and the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates are in my DNA. I also lived outside of Boston for several years and spending time at Fenway Park and the Boston Garden, the Red Sox, and Celtics got into my soul.​

Tranquil late afternoon rounds of golf with my father and son are a joy and my favorite time to play. My annual golf trip with my buddies is always another highlight of the golf year. I also enjoy going to our local PGA Tour SuperStore and testing out new equipment with my son; it's one of our favorite things to do together.​​

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