Let's get real: There is no silver bullet for cyberfraud with Lisa Wilding-Brown artwork
Now that's Significant

Let's get real: There is no silver bullet for cyberfraud with Lisa Wilding-Brown

  • E23
  • 44:56
  • July 11th 2022

In this episode, we welcomed on the show Lisa Wilding-Brown, Chief Executive Officer at InnovateMR and one of the market research industry’s top minds on data quality.

During this podcast:

We ultimately talked about the never-relenting, always present challenge of data quality in the market research space. Lisa mentioned that even though this issue has grown and changed over time, it remains fundamentally the same: there will always be fraudsters looking to cash out on survey incentives.

We discussed how and why there’s no single or easy fix to this issue, and why that isn’t an excuse not to do something about it.

We discussed the size and impact that cyberfraud has in the world and on the market research sector, as well as where the fraud starts in the market research space, which the ad tech space was mentioned.

We even looked at what may cause some people to become cyberfraudsters.

And finally, we talked about some of the things organizations can do to mitigate, minimise, and prevent the impact of cyberfraud in our market research efforts, which will go a long way in increasing the quality of our data, the insights that can be generated from this data, and the actions that can be made as a result of those insights - which, if we have our customer centric hat on, will improve outcomes for our clients as well.

Enjoy the show.

Now that's Significant

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