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Own The Lemonade Stand

Marketing Tips for Business Owners

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Own The Lemonade Stand

Join us for captivating interviews with passionate entrepreneurs who are the proud owners of their very own Lemonade Stands. Dive deep into their inspiring stories as we uncover the secrets behind their remarkable journey of starting and sustaining their businesses. Gain valuable insights into their strategies for success and learn how they overcome challenges to keep their ventures thriving. Tune in to Own The Lemonade Stand podcast and discover the fascinating world of these remarkable business owners.

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Jeffrey Truitt

Hi, I host the podcast, but my guests are the real stars. They are usually small business owners with an occasional "sales" person working somewhat independently for a larger business, but responsible for their own marketing.

How did I get started...I worked as a sales rep for new home builders many years ago. Later I started my "dream" business which was in jewelry. I spent over 20 years designing and manufacturing high-end engagement rings and wedding bands. The events of September 11th crushed the business so I moved on to commercial photography. Of course, COVID-19 gave that business a good slap and I decided to work on a couple of business concepts I had put aside. The podcast was one of them. I still market my photography and review management business.