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Navigating the Delicate Balance of Sexual Education and Sexualization With Karen Keavy

  • S1E24
  • 42:15
  • September 10th 2023

Prepare for a compelling exploration of the controversy surrounding the book, "Welcome to Sex".

In a stimulating discussion with Karen Keavy, an authority on child sexual abuse, we peel back the layers of this provocative publication, addressing the misunderstood aspects and upping the ante as we consider the possibility of creating age-appropriate sections.

This is your chance to navigate the tricky waters of sexualisation versus education in a supportive environment.

Then we shift gears and zero in on the crucial role of schools in addressing sexual abuse.

With the looming danger of online pornography and the overwhelming responsibility of parents in setting boundaries, it's a conversation that is crucial for the safety of our children.

Listen in as Karen and Ron Fielder from Podcast City aim to create a haven for children to express their thoughts without fear while emphasizing the potential dangers of not educating them about sex and the possible implications on their mental health.

Lastly, we confront the implications of inappropriate online content on children, and the paramount responsibilities of parents and the education system in providing age-appropriate sex education.

We also discuss strategies to fortify children against sexual abuse and stress the necessity of open dialogue.

To round things off, we delve into the advantages of online parent sessions as a potent tool for guidance in keeping children safe.

This is an indispensable conversation for any parent, educator, or anyone committed to the well-being of our children.

Join us for this enlightening journey.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:02) - Controversy Surrounding "Welcome to Sex" Book

Karen Keavy guides us through misconceptions of child sexual abuse, exploring the difference between sexualisation and education, and considering age-appropriate sections of Welcome to Sex.

(0:12:27) - Teaching About Sexual Abuse in Schools

Karen and Ron discussed sexual abuse, online pornography, empowering children, age-appropriate information, and parental guidance.

(0:17:43) - Education, Consent, and Online Misconduct

Karen and Ron discuss the consequences of not teaching children about sex, the dangers of online content, and the need for education and tools to navigate these topics safely.

(0:24:19) - Impact of Inappropriate Content on Children

Karen and Ron examine the damaging effects of inadequate sex education, parental/caregiver responsibility, and the implications of online pornography on younger generations.

(0:35:07) - Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse

Karen and Ron discuss protecting youth through trusted networks, age-appropriate education, and open dialogue.

(0:41:32) - Online Parent Sessions

Karen and Ron discussed safety for children ages 3-10, online parent sessions, and encouraging grandparents to attend.

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