Walking the Tightrope of Entrepreneurship with David Lowe [The Polymath PolyCast]
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Walking the Tightrope of Entrepreneurship with David Lowe [The Polymath PolyCast]
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This is the 50th episode of the #PolyCast! To celebrate let's play a game while you're listening. Count how many times I say "So to speak" in this episode.

Today we are talking with David Lowe the entrepreneurial maverick himself! Founder of Uberpong, and cofounder of Guardia Medical. Host of the Blow It up Podcast , as well as the Amazon best selling book of the same name.

Today is episode 5 of the second season! We are here to talk about Walking the Tightrope of Entrepreneurship!

David is the true embodiment of the American Dream: an immigrant starting a company from scratch and making it a success. Not only does he know this process well, but it's through his passion to share his experiences and help others that makes him the ideal person to write books about startup businesses. Blow It Up is his first book and it quickly achieved Best Seller status on Amazon.




Blow It Up!








Guardia Medical site











0:05 Intro

1:00 Traveling the world

2:00 When in doubt, do it anyway

4:00 Gratitude and Daily Incantations

5:00 Entrepreneurs are polymaths??

7:30 What makes a great entrepreneur?

8:30 - 10:00 That passion that gets you up in the morning

10:20 You never know how your attitude and mindset will impact your day

12:00 You don't know who is listening (Not just with podcasts)

13:00 Blow it up Podcast and Best selling book

14:30 First company David sold, and what lessons he learned

16:30 Mistakes make the Greats

17:30 Launching a Kickstarter campaign prematurely

18:00 Hustle on getting the word out

20:00 Kickstarter Community

24:00 Coming here to achieve the American dream as an immigrant :D

25:40 Texas

27:00 What is a #Polymath to Dave?

"Person of wide range of knowledge and learning"

Entrepreneurs juggle everything like a jack of all trades

28:50 People are waiting for a prescription (step by step guide to life)

30:00 You can always be learning

31:30 Pivoting because of #covid19

34:00 Home offices taking over

Reference: Nate Peo


36:00 - 37:42 Separation of areas in life

39:00 Going Viral...

40:30 Tiktok - A trending channel

41:30 Luck and Strategy

42:00 My Tiktok Strategy for a Campaign

44:00 Tiktok SEO

47:00 Vision of a big screen

49:00 - 50:03 PolyInnovator, a global brand, changing education through the Modular Degree

53:00 Dave's hero https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_Petit

01:00:01 Mindset matters

01:06:01 Binaural Beats

01:11:01 Guardia Medical

01:13:01 ttps://www.dloweplaybook.com/

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