57 Episodes

Ep. 48: Message in a Bottle
  • S2E48
  • 40:44
  • Jun 19th 2021
Ep. 47: Curious Correlations
  • S2E47
  • 53:46
  • Jun 15th 2021
Ep. 46: Innovation Instruments
  • S2E46
  • 34:51
  • May 11th 2021
Ep. 45: Lean into People
  • S2E45
  • 42:45
  • Apr 27th 2021
Ep. 44: Appreciative Inquiry
  • S2E44
  • 41:38
  • Apr 13th 2021
Ep. 43: The Human Hygienist
  • S2E43
  • 36:01
  • Mar 30th 2021
Ep. 41: Opportunity Enablement
  • S2E41
  • 41:16
  • Mar 2nd 2021
Ep. 40: The Engagement Ecosystem
  • S2E40
  • 51:14
  • Feb 16th 2021

Probability Matters

Probability Matters was created by Mwangi Ndonga who holds CIH, CSP, and CHMM certifications and Kyle Krueger who is a published author and speaker in the health and safety industry. Both individuals are extremely passionate about the topics of worker health and safety and industrial hygiene. The idea for the Podcast came out of numerous lunch conversations over the years. These conversations discussed the potential, philosophy, impact, and the role that technology can play in the future of health and safety. We intend to invite listeners to our "lunch table" to elaborate on these discussions with a few special guests along the way. 

This podcast was founded to create a platform for thought leadership. We will introduce, discuss, and argue for the use of technology to improve health and safety. The stage is intentionally genuine. We do not promote specific products or companies. We do, however, promote positive ideas and philosophies that will make an impact on the overall health and safety of workers.

Probability Matters is brought to you by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the AIHA.