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ReIMAGINE Your Business


Like you, we have been annoyed and then mystified by the Covid19 Flu and the response. I wrote several articles on the topic, one taken down by our ISP for detailing the truth and I'll repost if your ask. 

Moving on and this is critical - how do we make our business's idiot proof? I don't mean from you, you're paying the bills so being stupid is part of the deal, my objective is put your business beyond bad decisions by politicians and bureaucrats.

Also I have read a great deal about the "New Normal" or "The Great Reset" and couldn't disagree more. These two, among many redefinitions of the future, talk about how the post-pandemic future will be different. Their comments are political, not economic. 

Business has not changed since the days of the Bagdad Bizarre - you make something, sell it to somebody, and try to keep as much money as possible. Make it more complicated if you want but nothing has changed in 2,500 years except how to use technology.

Our reading of the future is very different and is based on four principles:

  • Prime Lesson From The Pandemic: Connectivity - "networking is a business model, not a technique or attending a meeting"
  • Building A Resilient Company - "what must be your few obsessions for the business to work"
  • Managing Relationships & Maximizing Performance - "market domination starts with scalability - using technology to help the company and people win"
  • Become The Search of Choice - "your ability to influence buying decisions is based on the value people perceive you provide"