113 Building a movement of like-minded people with Andrew O'Brien
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113 Building a movement of like-minded people with Andrew O'Brien
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Andrew O'Brien is a sought-after speaker, author, facilitator, executive adviser and consultant.

In 2008, Andrew and his wife Sue became known as the “Couple on the Run” when, side by side, they ran eight marathons in eight countries in eight weeks together. They live by the philosophy that by harnessing the principles of exercising with a partner and applying this to other areas of our everyday lives, we can achieve more.

Andrew and Sue's IP is a canny mix of health and fitness, together with teamwork and organisational leadership; this has allowed them to stand out on a world stage and build a movement of like-minded people who are advocates of their philosophy and way they go about things.

Through 'Partnerunning', Andrew and Sue are committed to helping people build "great relationships for success in the long run"; they do this through writing (they have one book out and other on the way), a podcast that at its peak attracted some 35,000 downloads a month globally, media interviews and live appearances, and a solid presence on social media.

In this chat with Trevor Young, Andrew takes us behind-the-scenes of Partnerunning, including a global virtual book event to launch their Couple On The Run book, and how they balance their exposure both online and offline.

Andrew discusses the power of Twitter in generating media opportunities for the pair, how their Partnerunning online radio show (podcast) helped grow their audience on a global scale (and the opportunities that have come from that), and the importance of repurposing content to maximise brand exposure and engagement.

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