123 LinkedIn marketing for thought leaders with Lucy Bingle
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123 LinkedIn marketing for thought leaders with Lucy Bingle
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Lucy Bingle has 20 years marketing experience and is a LinkedIn marketing Expert.

She is passionate about helping companies succeed in amplifying their brand, reaching their target audience and growing their business.

In this interview with Trevor Young, Lucy walks us through what's required to succeed in using LinkedIn to market your brand and your business.

First up, it's important to position yourself correctly - make sure your LinkedIn profile is best-in-class, Lucy says.

Secondly, start strategically building out your network: Connect with people you know - your colleagues and other people you work with - and move out from there to include peers, alumni etc .

Professionals often neglect to connect with their clients, Lucy says. This is a lost opportunity: Make sure you're connected to those people.

Then ask yourself: Who do you want to influence and communicate with? Use LinkedIn's robust search tool to identify these people, and then invite them to connect.

Lucy advises being authentic and upfront when inviting people to connect with you.

If you're interesting, insightful and have something valuable to say, the right people will want to hear from you, Lucy says. The key is to think strategically and be very focused, don't take the scattergun approach in order to build your numbers quickly. 

With your profile sorted, and your network growing, it's time to start focusing on posting quality content that is meaningful to your audience.

Lucy says keep your content professional, insightful and interesting and if you do, engagement should then fall out of that.

Trevor and Lucy also discuss the power of posting native video to LinkedIn, and why it's important to show up consistently on the platform, at least three times per week.


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