158: What's stopping you from writing a book? | Expert guest - Bec Evans, writing productivity geek  & co-founder of Prolifiko artwork
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158: What's stopping you from writing a book? | Expert guest - Bec Evans, writing productivity geek & co-founder of Prolifiko

  • S3E158
  • 35:05
  • July 19th 2020

Bec Evans is a self-confessed writing productivity geek.

As a co-founder of Prolifiko, Bec and her husband Chris help writers become more productive so they can focus on finishing the book they've started.

Prolifiko provides 1-on-1 productivity coaching for writers as well as online coaching courses and plans for groups and individuals.

Now, we know that writing a book can do wonders for leaders, academics and professional experts in terms of boosting their authority in the marketplace. And with all the various self-publishing tools, services and online marketplaces available to authors, there has never been a better time to publish a book.

But getting one written and 'out the door' can still be challenging, especially for busy professionals. Sometimes, the biggest enemy facing the author is the author themself!

In this chat with Trevor Young, Bec covers the various internal and external roadblocks authors often encounter when writing their book.

These can include:

  • procrastination
  • imposter syndrome
  • lack of confidence/anxiety/self-sabotage
  • dealing with distractions ... and
  • simply getting stuck with the writing process itself.

Bec says you can start analysing these roadblocks from the same place, especially the internal ones.

Other topics covered:

  • the importance of integrating the marketing of your book while you're still writing it
  • the role blogging plays in the book writing process
  • book length and the right format for your book
  • prototyping your book
  • the power of deadlines and the role of writing buddies
  • types of writers: are you a planner or a pantser?

It's an expansive conversation on how aspiring authors should approach the book writing process, and definitely a must-listen episode if you've got a book inside of you that you want to get out into the world!


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