161: LinkedIn marketing in 20 minutes a day | Expert guest - Adam Franklin, Bluewire Media artwork
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161: LinkedIn marketing in 20 minutes a day | Expert guest - Adam Franklin, Bluewire Media

  • S3E161
  • 34:20
  • August 9th 2020

This week's episode of Reputation Revolution takes a deep dive into LinkedIn and how thought leaders and professional experts can leverage the platform to build their profile and generate more leads for their business.

Our featured expert guest is author, social media speaker and LinkedIn marketing coach, Adam Franklin.

Adam, who's CEO of Bluewire Media, helps consultants win new clients and grow their pipeline on LinkedIn.

In his discussion with show host Trevor Young , Adam walks us through the same process he takes his clients through in order to generate meaningful business leads using the social media platform in just 20 minutes a day.

Adam and Trevor cover the following topics:

  • General update on LinkedIn: what's working today on the platform (and what's not) - social interaction, organic reach, video views, new features such as documents and live-streaming
  • Why Adam has decided to double-down on LinkedIn
  • How to identify people to connect with using the platform
  • The nurturing process of taking people from "stranger" to "high-value client" using LinkedIn
  • Why automating invitations to connect is a big no-no
  • Posting schedule, and the life of content on LinkedIn
  • The importance of interacting with others on the platform

Adam also provides his view on LinkedIn 'lurkers', and the important role they play:

"The fact is that because there's a lot of lurkers, it's not like they're not paying attention, they are paying attention. And it's amazing how often my clients and I experience somebody who they've never heard from, never met, never had any engagement with, who will actually then pick up the phone or call them or send them a direct message and saying, I need to work with you.

"And it's like, well, who are you? They have actually been paying attention for months or years and you just never realize it."

Content, community, conversation and conversion using LinkedIn - we cover the lot on Reputation Revolution.

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