175: SPECIAL EPISODE - Revisiting the 'Personal Branding Universe' | Takeaways & highlights from season 3 artwork
Reputation Revolution | the professional personal branding show

175: SPECIAL EPISODE - Revisiting the 'Personal Branding Universe' | Takeaways & highlights from season 3

  • S3E175
  • 28:14
  • November 15th 2020

We kicked off season 3 of Reputation Revolution back in May with a look at the PERSONAL BRANDING UNIVERSE - a canvas on which I connect the various dots involved in building a credible and sustainable professional personal brand.

These dots, or elements, flow from what I refer to as the four pillars of personal branding for professional people. They are:

(1) ESTABLISH your voice

(2) ENHANCE the credibility of your voice

(3) EXTEND the reach of your voice

(4) EXTRACT value from your voice.

Here on the Reputation Revolution, each episode builds on at least one pillar.

For example, in episodes 150 and 174, I chat with Mark Masters and Eli Trier respectively about the power of building one's community of like-minded people.

Creating video content, including video live streaming, is all about enhancing the the credibility of your voice. In short, if you want to build a credible profile and trusted reputation in the marketplace, video should definitely be on your content creation radar.

We've had some terrific guests in season 3 sharing their ideas and expertise around all things video - Julian Mather, live streaming guru Ian Anderson Gray, and Tristan White, a successful entrepreneur who runs one of Australia’s largest physiotherapy practices.

We've also covered other elements of the Personal Branding Universe in season 3 - for example, writing a book to build profile and enhance your professional credibility.

Writing productivity geek Bec Evans told us in episode 158 that there are various internal and external roadblocks authors often encounter when writing their book.

Suzy Jacobs, founder of Activator Academy, took is through the importance of values in episode 155.

Most critical in personal branding is to stand for something. So says Steve Sammartino, a leading futurist, best-selling author, media commentator and keynote speaker.

In episode 166, Hillary Weiss introduced us to a concept she calls the ’statement piece’ brand - an antidote to the “sea of sameness on the internet”.

And what of social media? It's such a critical aspect of building a personal brand, particularly one underpinned by a credible thought leadership positioning in the marketplace.

Just ask California trial lawyer, Mitch Jackson, author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

I've long referred to Twitter the 'influence channel', and that's how Dr Emma Beckett sees it too. A key outcome of Emma's social efforts, particularly on Twitter, is interest from mainstream media, resulting in editorial coverage, including interviews on radio and national television.

If you want to build a successful authentic personal brand, it's critical to show your human side - this is particularly the case for leaders, entrepreneurs and professional experts who are in the public eye and front people for a business, organisation or social enterprise.

Want to see what this looks like? Look no further than Alan and Emily Braithwaite, founders of several UK-based businesses, including online visibility agency Yellow Tuxedo.

If you want to feel inspired about the value of showing up consistently, get loads of ideas about how to maximise your SEO and repurpose your content, and learn how to wrap it all up in a very human way, you'll love listening to this one - episode 169 of the Reputation Revolution podcast.

Reputation Revolution | the professional personal branding show

Reputation Revolution is the professional personal branding show for experts, entrepreneurs and emerging thought leaders.

Hosted by the PR Warrior, Trevor Young, the show focuses on helping credible individuals to build visibility, influence and trust in the marketplace, and in doing so, position themselves to take advantage of today's 'reputation economy'.

Reputation Revolution covers the four core pillars of building a successful and respected professional personal brand:

  1. ESTABLISH your voice
  2. ENHANCE the credibility of that voice
  3. EXTEND the reach of your voice
  4. EXTRACT value from the profile and reputation you build in the marketplace

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