192: How to build momentum for your ideas with best-selling author, Mark Schaefer artwork
Reputation Revolution | the Influence & IMPACT podcast

192: How to build momentum for your ideas with best-selling author, Mark Schaefer

  • S4E192
  • 29:21
  • April 18th 2021

At its essence, marketing today is about answering one question: “How can we be heard?”

Mark Schaefer, featured guest on this special episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast, poses the question: How can we rise above the din of infinite options to create sustainable meaning with an audience or group of customers?

He says following the old rules of digital engagement is not enough … not nearly enough. Even being “great” is insufficient in the face of overwhelming competition redefining the limits of excellence every day.

Mark is a world-renowned blogger, best-selling author and keynote speaker .

His long-running blog {grow} is regarded as one of the top marketing blogs in the world, plus he has written nine books, including his latest best-seller, Cumulative Advantage: How to Build Momentum for Your Ideas, Business and Life. 

In this conversation with host Trevor Young, Mark talks at length about the premise behind his new book and the journey that led him to write it.

He also unpacks how businesses and individuals can tap into the concepts behind Cumulative Advantage to build momentum for their own ideas.

Mark covers:

  • The 5 steps of Cumulative Advantage
  • Best practices to stay the course once momentum has begun to build
  • The clarity Mark got for the next steps in his life and business after contracting COVID-19
  • The ‘sonic boom’ concept and how to use it to leverage your idea.

... plus Tim Ferriss and Oprah get a decent look-in as well!

Mark's Quotable quote: “It’s not the idea that changes your life, it’s the curiosity to pursue it”.

NOTE: Stay tuned for the next episode - part two of this interview - in which Mark discusses how he has evolved his personal brand over the years, along with other marketing gold!


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