195: How social media can make you a better leader with Damian Corbet artwork
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195: How social media can make you a better leader with Damian Corbet

  • S4E195
  • 51:54
  • May 9th 2021

'Social savvy' leaders are still pretty rare. The ones who are doing social media are doing it well. If you want to join them, Damian Corbet can help!

Damian founded the The Social C-Suite, to help leaders use this essential leadership tool to adapt, thrive and build trust as a leader and in their organisation.

He is also the author of book The Social CEO, which includes contributions from more than 30 writers including industry-recognised experts in social business and practicing ‘social CEOs’.

Damian joins Trevor Young for this episode of Reputation Revolution to talk all about how leaders and senior executives can - and should - embrace the social age,

They discuss some great examples of social leadership from Damian's book.

Other key points covered include:

  • What social leadership is and why it's important
  • How Damian's social media journey started, as the in house social expert for a multinational organisation with 30,000 employees
  • The differences between social media marketing and social leadership
  • How a leader's social media presence can demonstrate to potential customers or talent what the organisation stands for
  • How making just a little time in your schedule to become a social CEO pays for itself in highly impactful and valuable ways for your organisation.

Whether you're an aspiring social leader or an employee hoping to inspire leaders in your organisation to 'go social', this episode will deliver!






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