196: How to build your reputation through writing with Sarah Mitchell artwork
Reputation Revolution | the Influence & IMPACT podcast

196: How to build your reputation through writing with Sarah Mitchell

  • S4E196
  • 49:30
  • May 16th 2021

Sarah Mitchell is a copywriter, a content marketing strategist - and on a mission to make the world better for readers everywhere! So who better to talk about building your reputation and authority through writing content for an online audience.

Whether you are blogging on your own website or a platform such as Medium or LinkedIn, writing articles and opinion pieces for third-party news outlets., or writing ebooks, reports and whitepapers - these all fall under the category of “written content”.

As a founder at Typeset Content Sarah loves helping her clients convert their content initiatives into long-term business assets.

In this episode, she and host Trevor Young talk about:

  • The true value of being able to get your point across concisely and with clarity
  • Key findings from Typeset's recently-released State of Writing 2021 research report
  • How individuals and businesses can get a better return on the investment that they're making in writing
  • How to know when you need help clarifying your message, and how much time, energy and money that help will save you
  • The most effective forms of written content to focus on right now
  • Demonstrating your thought leadership through your written content, and how a great quality piece will keep paying for itself over time

This episode will remind you that despite the perceived 'sexiness' of live streaming, video and podcasting, there's still plenty of room for the written word!

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